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R7 JM V10 POROUS CARBON Enhanced Arya Headband OCD Extreme Stealth+ Edition

R7 JM V10 POROUS CARBON Enhanced Arya Headband OCD Extreme Stealth+ Edition


11 Reviews on the R7 V10 :


Version 8 is the latest lightest weight version with the tightest bass and wider image while still eliminating any sibilants - this latest version retaining pin point imaging… our best lightest mod yet! now with standard headband, R9 headband, HIFIMAN ARYA Headband and Superband available. 

Utilizing Patent pending multilayer JM Audio Proprietary Fractal Mesh Technology™ and Fractal Fiberglass Porous Carbon™. 


Step into pure luxury with this premium FEELING AND LOOKING Super band UPGRADE-

offering a superior premium headband that has a ratchet system that conforms to any head shape with proper clamp force and no head hot spots! And I should mention it is lighter than the stock band! Now it sounds like $500+ headphone and feels like it too! Limited time limited quantity. price includes modded headphone super headband and shipping with in USA.



    • I stand 100% behind my mods and how they stack up against the original unmodded sound - and I test each and every single mod before we put our seal on the right ear cup ensuring it met our requirements for sound and its appropriate mod. If a user is not 100% satisfied with the modded sound they can return the item by shipping it back to have us retune it so it is more custom to what the user wants (add bass or reduce higher frequencies) or we can return the item back to original tuning. We guarantee our mods are free from defects or issues for a period of one year for all purchases. As far as comfort on the head - we get it not every band is going to meet your needs- we offer headband upgrades for our customers- just ship the headphone back to us and we accommodate your requests of changing the mod or headband. The headband does cost us time and money-  typically we charge $80-$85 to change the band out that covers the shipping back to a US Contagious address.  E-mail us at for more details or specific questions before you buy. PEACE OF MIND: If a product fails for an original owner- we stand behind it for an entire year and will repair or replace if need be. This does not cover abuse like dropping it or misuse. Overblown drivers from excessive amplitude will not be covered. We want our customers to be happy customers! Now and in the future.



      My Impressions on the R7 JM Edition

      Originally, I had ordered the Drop + Hifiman HE-R7DX while it was on sale for $99. I was excited to get them because of the reviews that kept mentioning its great soundstage and bass while maintaining a neutralish sound signature. However, when I received them, I immediately ran into the common clamp issue. The clamp force wasn’t enough to properly seal the ear cups around my ear. This kept leaking bass, even after I tried to bend and shape the headband. As I researched ways to fix this clamp issue, I stumbled on some reviews of the JM modded version of this headphone that looked pretty good. And so, I decided to contact JM and see what he had to offer.

      Quick disclaimer: I don’t really consider myself an audiophile. I just dipped my toes into the world of good audio and I’m kind of satisfied just hanging out on the budget side of things. I daily drive a set of HD600’s through a $200 Schiit stack for most things when I’m on my PC. I have a few pairs of Koss’s famous on-ear headphones, and some KZX ZS10 Pros for outside the house. My point is, I like amazing sound for as cheap as I can get it. I’m going to try my best to convey my thoughts and opinions on the Drop + Hifiman HE-R7DX JM Stealth Edition Extreme Edition (Bass Edition). That said, take everything I say with a grain of salt. Comparisons to the stock edition were done on my Schiit Modi/Magni stack.

      Headband- I can’t praise this headband enough. It beats out the stock headphone in every way. It looks awesome. The seal is supreme. The comfort strap feels great. Contrary to most, I liked the look of the stock headband and I really wish it did a better job at clamping force, but the new one just simply looks better and feels more premium. I even tried to bend the headband to increase clamp, but I still felt the need to press the earcups in to hear good audio. The clamp force with the JM headband is amazing and solves the major issue I had with the fit and seal of the stock model. I’ve tried a pair of $1200 LCD-X and this headband is better.

      The only gripe I can have with this headband is the adjustment mechanism is smooth on one side but clicks on the other. The smooth side just kind of moves a little on its own when handling the headphones. But when I adjust them and put on them on, the headband doesn’t move and it’s comfortable.

      Sub-bass- Extends much deeper than the stock edition and my HD600 and has amazing articulation.

      Mid-bass- Sounds punchy, but not thumpy (if that makes sense). I don’t know if bass heads would like it, but it sounds great to me (a former “bass head” reformed with good old, neutral HD600). Either way, bass lines sound tight and defined while not covering up mid frequencies (unlike the stock model). The clamp force issue on the stock headphone made the mid-bass nearly non-existent for me. I had to press the cups into my ear quite forcefully to get the bass to come through.

      Mids- The mid-range frequencies are very neutral and stand out quite well. Harmonies are intense and upper-mids are very well pronounced. Electronic music that utilizes a wide range of synth sounds benefit a lot from this. Clarity is where I was blown away between stock and JM edition. I mean, WOW! The stock edition had a very muted mid-range and while didn’t completely get muddied by the bass, just felt very lacking. John really turns this into a new headphone when it comes to this range.

      Treble/Air- Not too bright or fatiguing, sounds as natural to me as I can imagine. Then again, I’m not too sensitive to this area. The reverb and decay is amazing with these. I can almost hear the individual reverb sounds from each instrument in busy electronic tracks and I can hear them fading out. The stock edition didn’t even come close to articulating the reverb as well as JM did.

      Soundstage/imaging- This was the main attraction to the headphones even in stock form. The R7 just has a surprisingly wide soundstage even when compared to a few open backs. Even the imaging was already great stock. I don’t know how he did it, but John managed to improve both of these areas. Whatever technology he is using to tune these things is amazing. The imaging is now superb. I feel like I can throw a dart and hit one of the sounds floating around me. This is fun with house music tracks that play with different stereo fields on the recording.

      Conclusion- Do yourself a favor and just buy these headphones. They’re open sounding, detailed, and just wow. You won’t be sorry. Especially if you already bought and returned the stock model (like me). It’s an entirely new headphone now and I’m completely satisfied and happy with it. Dropping my stock headphone return off tomorrow!

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