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Welcome!  We specialize in headphone modifications, custom headphone ear pads, and completely modified headphones ready to ship. 

JM Audio Editions is a specialized acoustic modification applied to headphones using a proprietary technology. It started with the Kennerton Gjallarhorn GH50 JM Edition headphones, which was made by John Massaria, one of the first owners of Gjallarhorns. Latter, John came up with a Mk2 edition using fractal fiberglass mesh which extends the sound waves without muting any one frequency. Unlike fabric, fiberglass mesh doesn't mute or subdue anyone frequency however it distributes the sound into a wider pattern. Modding other Kennerton headphones such as the Vali and Rognir Dynamic and Rognir Planar along with the GH40 - John Massaria started to mod other headphones with one goal in mind- make it as good as possible sparing no expense. Hundreds of customers on head-fi know and like (love is appropriate word here too) his mods. Customers still send him their expensive headphones for mods? Why? Tuning a headphone just the way a customer likes is Johns passion. And because everything can be better.  Now John offers headphones shipped from his shop directly to the consumer in USA for a nominal fee creating some of the best headphones regardless of price.

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