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XTC ².5   Euphoric Xtreme Trip Limited Edition In Stock NEW COLOR

XTC ².5 Euphoric Xtreme Trip Limited Edition In Stock NEW COLOR

NEW Limited Edition

XTC ².5 Euphoric Xtreme Trip (twice the interior space as regular XTC and unlike the XTC^1.5 or XTC^2- this is next level)

NEW COLOR HERE (updated 1/21/24)


The newer XTC^2.5 Euphoric Xtreme Trip version is priced at $1299 and is my best closed back at this time- I know of nothing better. Regardless of price this checks all the boxes. We now have very limited stock (as of today 12-11-23).


All new orders for ^2.5 will be in a queue. Orders will be taken normally and filled as soon as I can. People in the queue will have first order preferences and have more choices wood species . They do take me a week or so to hand match the drivers as they are from my best selected best custom drivers and tuned as if it were the only headphone I ever made or will make- I never rush any of the tunings. Have faith they will be beyond expectation.


- contact us for available wood types. You also get a choice of our best hand selected custom made drivers : 32 ohm (our prefered driver in the ^2.5) - it's a custom 52nm magnet Beryllium driver wound with ofc copper specified for JM Audio - we also customize your headphones by discussing your preferences for tuning just for you.


The XTC^2.5 Euphoric XtremeTrip is JM AUDIO's flag ship closed back. The XTC^2.5 utilizes precision cut solid blocks of various exotric hard woods which are carefully CNC machined - where by they are cut and bored with special amphitheater internal cuts, and include five tuning slots and ports which allow a user to further tune the closed back by increasing or decreasing bass or detail similar to the way fluted air instruments change pitch by covering or opening holes in the instrument. The XTC^2.5 uses our own proprietary JM Fractal Porous Graphene Carbon™, JM Fractal Fiberglass Mesh™, and JM Nautilus Fractal Spiral™ technology for a wide spread out soundstage.


The driver we use is a custom magnet forged/cast not stamped basket utilizing N52 magnets and a occ copper coil- beryllium dynamic driver- carefully machine matched and then hand matched again for accuracy and consistency where the ohms overlap over each other as if a single line (or it is rejected as a non match and becomes an orphan- sometimes we go through more than a few pairs to match with this scrurunity). Why do we match drivers so carefully? Absolute matched drivers are essential for perfect imaging and necessary to recreative a massive soundstage. Hand Matched drivers are also essential for a cohesive realistic organic sound. You can expect deep tight bass with no bloat yet at the same time the XTC is even and smooth through the mid range and treble. The XTC has precise timbre and has a knack of digging out sublime details with air as light as a feather; while remaining composed and never harsh or sibilant. Each song you play you will dive deeper into the recording.


Price Includes 3 different sets of ear pads to further enhance custom feel, comfort and tuning. Also included: a choice of wire type in a hand braided ofc litz 2m available in 3.5, 4.4 or XLR on the amp end. Get a second wire plus the ultimate in internal and external matched wiring - - we hand solder your XTC with internal 7N occ and WBT silver solder. This option also includes our own Copperhead Wire (the same wire we use to solder the drivers) in a 1.5m braided wire in your choice of trs 3.5mm or trrs 4.4mm on the amp end. The 7N OCC option gives you the ultimate matched wiring inside and out. We also include a practical reusable Waterproof Flight Case to protect these during transport and storage.


Whats included:

  • JM Audio XTC^2.5 Euphoric Xtreme Trip Limited Edition
  • 2 Premium Leather Angled Memory Foam Ear Pads
  • 2 Angled Memory Fluffy Ear Pad
  • 2 Velour Memory Foam Ear Pads
  • 2M OFC Litz Wire
  • Practical Hard Case
  • Customized Beryllium Tuning
  • Choice Of Standard Internal Wiring or 7N OCC + Copperhead Extra Wire


All JM Audio Headphones are custom tuned and discussed at time after ordered to best match amp and dacs and user preferences:

Scalpel Tuning

Flat Bass Scalpel

Near Scalpel (Slightly Warm with Extended Detail)

Warm Yet Detailed

Warm Warm For Tinnitus/High Frequency Sensitive

  • Additional Information on the XTC^2.5

    What I wrote to one of my best customers....


    Beg borrow or steal- you need to come up $$$ and buy these new XTC^2.5 -


    "All I can say is this is by far one of best sounding designs I have ever heard anywhere at any price- I used a 32ohm beryllium driver and it is so transparent and detailed- the largest soundstage I ever heard surpassing the open backs- these are Landmarks - I say this without exaggeration the level these bring to tracks is insane even with my powerful Burson Solosist 3GX w 6 Sparkos OPAs and my two Apache amps with sparkos opas and my Prautes- not to mention lesser amps like the C9 or even my freaking dongle on my iphone sounds insane- true- these things are by far my best creation. Period. These are leaps and bounds astonishingly good. Its nuts I cant put words to it- all I can say is synergy and cohesive organic and natural. ANY mixer would have a edge with this XTC^2.5 - plus they aren't boring so they are suitable for daily driver's I dont even know how I did this so well- its nuts just when I think my XTC and XTC ^1,5 are so magnificent along comes this innovation and creation where all this comes together and all I can say is wholy shet my jaw is dropped. The levels of sublime bass and mids and highs not even affected by each other just merge perfectly its total Synergy - omg - Ive been listening for HOURS and I cant stop.... I am getting no work done- I cant pull myself away- alas this pair is sold but I need to keep these and make sure I can replicate this exact sound for others- bare with me- this is truly remarkable... I am flabbergasted. Again again., every single song^2.5 is incredible - Worthy of A $4k+ PRICE TAG for sound alone- these things are so hypnotic and mesmerizing I cant even describe- except to say I wish you were here listening... "


    REVIEW FROM OWNER of XTC ² Euphoric Xtreme Trip:

    "Just wanted to update you about the headphones after the first day I had them, I used them for about 8 hours straight yesterday, I played a lot of music thru them and tried them on call of duty, and smite, and I used them for anime and lemme just say with their sound alone, these are far and away the best headphones I’ve ever had, I mean granted they are tuned the way I prefer, but still. These are truly something else. Easily the most intoxicating and attention grabbing bass I’ve ever experience in a headphone, yet somehow it’s also perfectly blended into the mids and highs so as to not overpower them but very much so compliments them. I literally had to force myself to take these headphones off and stop listening to them. And for the technicalities of the headphone, I want to give these even more time before I say too much about it, but what I will say is that these definitely have the absolute biggest soundstage for any headphone I’ve used period. And ooo the dynamics are superb, it’s truly an immersive headphone for anything you use it for, but is still very detailed and precise; so you will hear the imperfections in the mixing and engineering in any song that those are in but these headphones don’t make that fatiguing like others, no, not at all, it lets you peer into the music and hear all the flaws, and even tho that’s the case, every single song is so much fun to listen to and it makes the flaws enjoyable too, which is beyond me, I’m lost for words at how you were able to do that. Those are my thoughts for now I’ll keep you updated as I listen more." - Jacob DiPonio 7-11-23

  • WHY XTC?

    WHY XTC?
    I chose the letters XTC to be many things; first off it is phonetic "X T C" - its also a double entendre (XTC like the drug ecstasy which gives users a euphoric rush and is a central nervous stimulant which causes high levels of dopamine to be released (a brain chemical associated with pleasure.).. or the word the actual word ecstasy, meaning rapture and immense pleasure. XTC can transport intense exaltation of mind and feelings- they suggest a state of trance or near immobility produced by an overpowering emotion - for music these headphones are like all of these things like a drug but none of the harmful side effects. What do I want from my XTC? Richer timbre, wider soundstage, a clean quiet power, somewhat neutral and truthful to the source, with very little coloration to the music. I want a very proper and wide soundstage, dimensionality, and specal presentation. Toe tapping, head bopping, dancing to the music good- you know... a good time like when I was a teenager. I want it to take me back to the best times in my life and make new memories of just how good a song I have heard over and over now makes me nearly weep with emotion. Is that all? Nope, I want the XTC to make me dream of it when I sleep, long to listen to when ever I have the free time. And the XTC should not waste any of that precious time with lackluster performance. The headphone should create emotion and admiration towards whatever genre of music I listen to with it. I want a party in my head. I want my third eye to nearly open as I transport mind, body and soul to a new plain of existence. I want goose bumps, I want my neck hairs to rise up and my head to tingle. I want to know with near certainty, this is probably as good as it gets - this could be my end game headphone and probably will be satisfying me for the very near and late future. I want to know this was an investment I take immense pleasure in owning. I want a headphone I can look at and admire it's construction and know the maker wasn't some assembly line worker. I have no time to wait around on junk or almost as good products. I want it all and I want it now...


    All of JM AUDIO headphones are guaranteed to be operational and tuned to the customers preference. If any headphone is not tuned as such - the headphone can be returned for a retuning - paid by JM Audio if in the USA back to the original purchasing customer. Original owners in foreign countries can pay for shipping one way to us and we will do one re-tuning freight paid back to customer. We do offer life time re-tunings freight both ways paid by the customer and the re-tuning is fee of charge. Since all products we make are wood and wood has variations and minor imperfections can be expected. We try to avoid such issues through our inspection process and take any imperfections as character of a handmade product but realize some limitations to our inspection process and will take each case of imperfections on a case by case basis. If any headphone headband breaks within in the first year of first ownership or has to be replaced, we do so free of charge once item is shipped to us and we will pay for shipping back to the customer no matter where they are located. We do suggest using Pirateship or Shippo for the cheapest rates for UPS and USPS. Any returns for re-tunings to second parties can be arranged at the second owners expense of shipping both ways, but the re-tuning is performed at no charge.  Refunds are not available on custom tuned headphones. We will strive to achieve the tuning the customer prefers and will recommend ear pads that may not have been included to satisfy further refinement to the original owners at near our cost if the customer needs extra pads or to achieve better sound or performance for comfort. We strive to make our customers happy, and each custom driver is hand selected and matched and guaranteed from defects or failure for one year where by repairs will be made free of charge with shipping sent free back to the customer. We are proud to offer re-tunings and think this is an ideal way for customers to really customize their headphones with us, and we like to know the amps dacs and wire and music types you enjoy. We also would like to know which headphones you like and dislike so we can try to match that particular tuning for your preference. If tastes change some time later, you are entitled to re-tunings free of charge for life as the original owner - shipping to and from is the responsibly of the customer however.



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