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Hifiman HE-R9 JM OCD Extreme Stealth Edition V8

Hifiman HE-R9 JM OCD Extreme Stealth Edition V8


Version 8 is the latest lightest weight version with the tightest bass and wider image while still eliminating any sibilants - this latest version rataining pin point imaging… our best lightest mod yet! now with standard headband, HIFIMAN ARYA Headband and Superband available. 


Utilizing Patent pending multilayer JM Audio Proprietary Fractal Mesh Technology™ and Fractal Fiberglass Porous Carbon™.  I only make one a day - I take orders first. I literally match the driver discs for each pair (from hifiman) the discs all ring differently - I spend time to match em BEFORE the mod with high temp elastic rubber so they are non resonating at higher frequencies and they resonate deeper so they give a better matched experience. This is the first thing I do - it makes a huge difference instead of just throwing uneven amounts of glue on the disc where the driver sits like they do at the factories and hope they (L+R) sound similar- I test and mod match the resonate ring - that first then I get into the actual mod. It takes me 3 hours to make each one and a lot of raw materials to hand cut and place and test the R9 JM Edition headphone- JM OCD Extreme Stealth (SE) mod which is EXTREME in every way. I re-wire the R9 and R10 so they are compatible with most owners regular/typical left and right 3.5mm wire which connect from the ear cups and are compatible with most XLR, TRS 3.5, TRS 6.3 or similar wires on the ends. The connection is more universal and direct to each ear speaker - unlike the shared wire which loops through the headband in the stock version and degrades sound. This allows much higher fidelity for purists since the wiring allows direct left right connections from a users amplifier. The compromised "blue tooth module" will not work after I mod the R9 or R10.


Version 7 lighter and best sounding version. With more controlled bass and wider stage - detailed and non sibilant the best version to date.


The cups are re-enforced and made as inert and as solid as I could make them- treated on inside with heavy heat resistant heavy duty sound liner while using a stealthy technology of hand cut custom fiberglass mesh and porous carbon  in dual multiple fractional layers. Each box is hand numbered and signed After the 3 hour mod - I listen to the headphones for 10 songs - all songs selected for different reasons to ensure they sound like my reference Stealth mod and measure the same- if they meet all requirements- I sign and pack.


NOTE: Price includes headphone, mods and shipping within the Contiguous US.


    layers of fiberglass shaped similar to a Fibonacci like pattern that make the image and sound stage sound much larger than even open backs - it’s a time consuming process - this non fabric material may just revolutionize all headphones designs and hopefully one day replace the use of typical fabric (figure a) which tends to mute certain frequencies -I can see this being the future of headphones and can replace all fabric in headphones with the fractal (figure c) fiberglass multi-pattern actually helps bring all frequencies out and expand them (see image)
    the pattern I created here actually de-accelerates the sound waves into a very spacious sound "meshing" unlike fabric which has a deadening narrowing effect (see diagram labeled planar surface a) - this mesh material tunes the sound waves and it comes alive due to their fractal nature- and allows pinpoint accuracy and a wider stage fooling the waves into a creating a larger than life pattern while minimizing any echo or ring in sound waves - it works better than fabric (the idea comes from using much more expensive porous/foamed aluminum similar to ones used on the back wave of the Abyss AB 1266 TC or the Meta Material used in front of the Dan Clark Stealth or the Meta material used in the KEF speakers)



    I stand 100% behind my mods and how they stack up against the original unmodded sound - and I test each and every single mod before we put our seal on the right ear cup ensuring it met our requirements for sound and its appropriate mod. If a user is not 100% satisfied with the modded sound they can return the item by shipping it back to have us retune it so it is more custom to what the user wants (add bass or reduce higher frequencies) or we can return the item back to original tuning. We guarantee our mods are free from defects or issues for a period of one year for all purchases. As far as comfort on the head - we get it not every band is going to meet your needs- we offer headband upgrades for our customers- just ship the headphone back to us and we accommodate your requests of changing the mod or headband. The headband does cost us time and money- typically we charge $80-$85 to change the band out that covers the shipping back to a US Contagious address. E-mail us at for more details or specific questions before you buy. PEACE OF MIND: If a product fails for an original owner- we stand behind it for an entire year and will repair or replace if need be. This does not cover abuse like dropping it or misuse. Overblown drivers from excessive amplitude will not be covered. We want our customers to be happy customers! Now and in the future.


    Our price typically includes shiping within the Contiguous US through USPS Priority mail. I ship as soon as payment is sent and build is complete. All orders get a tracking number. For orders outside the USA typically its around $50. We do offeer express deilvery but that can be requested by emailing us at

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