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GUSTARD R26 Discrete R2R Decoder Streamer/Renderer

GUSTARD R26 Discrete R2R Decoder Streamer/Renderer

SKU: Full warranty r26

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GUSTARD R26 MQA Discrete R2R Decoder with Streamer/Renderer PCM768&DSD512 Bluetooth XMOS XU216 High Performance Audio Decoder


Product Specifications:Sample Rate Supported by Digital Input Channels:COAX/AES/OPT :PCM 16-24bit/44.1-192kHz; DSD DOP64USB :PCM 16-32bit/44.1-768kHzDSD DOP64-DOP256NATIVE DSD: DSD64-DSD512OS support: Windows 7~11 32/64bit; macOS; LinuxIIS: PCM 16-32bit/44.1-768kHz; DSD DOP64-DOP256NATIVE DSD: DSD64-DSD1024LAN: more in the future 10M Clock in: 50 Ohm BNC, 0dBm-20dBmsquare wave 0.2V-3.3V, sinewave 0.5-3.3VAnalog Output Performance :Frequency Response: 20- 20kHz /+ -0.2dB (Oversampling)Dynamic range: >115dBSignal-to-noise ratio: > 122dBCrosstalk: -134dB @ 1kHzTHD+N: <=0.003% @1kHzIMD:≈0.008% @ OdbfsRCA: 2.5Vrms (VOLUME FIXED) 100Ω XLR: 5.0Vrms VOLUME FIXED) 100ΩXLR pinout: 1-Ground 2-Hot 3-ColdOther Specifications :Power Supply: AC 115V/230V 50/60HzPower Consumption < 30WSize: 330mm (Width) * 260mm (Length) * 65mm (Height) (protrusion not included)Packing size: 420mm (Width) * 360mm (Length) * 175mm (Height);Weight: 7Kg (with package)Sandblasted aluminum alloy case: Silver or Black version


Discrete R2R DAC: R-2R ladder DAC converts the digital signal to analog signal by switching resistors' array, it provides a more natural sound. However, this architecture needs precision resistors and deep development to archieve fine performance.

Native 1Bit DAC:support DSD 512 (via USB) and DSD 1024 (via IIS). The DSD streamdecoded by the independent 1 bit convertor without DSD to PCM converting.*Volume is fixed under this mode.

CPLD: Complex Programmable Logic Device:Signal routing; Clock management; 2nd order PLL; DOP decoding; Depop for PCM&DSD.

Clock synthesization: Replace the input signal' s clock with precision oscillators (local or external). Interference from the input source' s clock is avoided. Function off: IIs, AES, COAX, OPT, BT; PCM NOS, 1 Bit Function on: USB & LAN K2, ultra-low noise clock synthesizer: provides precision clock from local oscillators or external clock in.

LPF is specifically designed for the D/A converter using discrete devices. Final parameters of the circuit are adjusted with subjective listening. Different from IC s, discrete circuits provide the possibilities to control every detail in sound and performance. But the parasitic effects introduced huge challenges to development experience and device' s quality.

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