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GUSTARD A26 DAC Dual AK4499EX Chip Streamer/Renderer

GUSTARD A26 DAC Dual AK4499EX Chip Streamer/Renderer

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Dual AK4499EX&AK4191 DAC Chips Desktop Digital to Analog Convertor Dual AK4499EX & AK4191 DAC Chips FPGA Exclusive Technology & Streamer / Renderer Clock Synthetization & XMOS XU216 Solution LPF Discrete Circuits Design Full-Functional Remote Control 


LPF is specifically designed for the AK4499EX using discrete devices. The final parameters of the circuit are adjusted with subjective listening. Different from ICs, discrete circuits provide the possibility to control every detail in sound and performance. But the parasitic effects introduced huge challenges to the development experience and the device's quality.

As for the clock synthesizer, it adopts the ultra-low noise K2 to provide precision clocks from local oscillators or external clocks.

A26 has built-in independent regulators with various stages of bypass capacitors that can avoid all interference.

 A26 supports MQA, and easy access to high-quality online streams, like Roon, UPnP, and HQPlayer NAA at present, and more protocols will be shown in near future.


Dual AK4499EX & AK4191 DAC Chips

The GUSTARD A26 DAC combines two AK4499EX DAC chips with one AK4191 modulator from Asahi Kasei Microdevices. With independent power supply and grounding for each channel, separate digital-analog architecture eliminates interferences from the beginning.



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