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JM Audio Editions specializes in headphone modifications, accessories, and in stock headphones ready to ship that come with a full warranty.  Every headphone we mod gets tested before we put our signature logo on it- frequency response, sound sweep, spectral flatness test, dynamic range, bass shaker, driver matching, Wiring in phase, absolute phase check for all internal driver wiring, external wires, harmonic distortion test, and binaural test - then we audition each set of headphones with 10 test songs. We ship direct from our headquarters here in New York USA worldwide. Look around and email us with any questions at


XTC By JM Audio Editions
Kennerton Vali Neo JM Audio Mk1 Edition
XTC By JM Audio Editions
Choice of Headbands Hifiman R9 JM OCD Stealth
Hifiman R9 JM OCD Stealth
Hifiman R7 JM OCD Stealth Edition
Hifiman R7 JM OCD Stealth Edition
Kennerton Vali Neo Mk1 JM Edition
Patent Pending Fiberglass Fractal Mesh Tech
Fractal Response Vs flat fabric
Kennerton Karelian Stabilized Wood
JM Audio Editions Leather EVO10
Kennerton GH50 JM Mk2
Kennerton GH50 JM Mk2
Kennerton Assorted Models
Hifiman Arya
Kennerton Heartland
Custom Braided OFC Litz Wire
Kennerton Blue Maple Stabilized Wood
Hifiman HE1000V2
Hifiman Ayra
Gustard A26
Dan Clark Mods
XTC By JM Audio Editions
XTC By JM Audio Editions
XTC By JM Audio Editions
XTC By JM Audio Editions
JM OCC 4N Litz Pure Copperhead
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While I have yet to cross into the hi-fi range, I do believe I won't be going any higher than the price of the JM Audio XTC Open Backs ever again. I've only owned headphones such as the M50X, DT 900 Pro X, DT880, and Harmonicdyne Poseidon and your headphones COMPLETELY blow out the competition by a large margin. Thank you for tuning them to the way I wanted them to be -- essentially my dream headphone. An absolute imaging monster with a great soundstage. For music I'm able to discern each and every detail of every song I listen to with great accuracy enough to the point where I can even hear the small intricacies and flaws of each song. The sound quality is beautiful, with each instrument being faithfully recreated in great detail. Every genre from orchestra to jazz to EDM, on the first day I already found myself rummaging through my musical library to find details I have never heard before -- and believe me I thought I heard it all with the DT 900 Pro X! For gaming these are just overall fantastic too. I play FPS games competitively and these are a GODSEND. The wide soundstage and pinpoint precision of the audio is superb and almost feels like cheating in multiplayer games. At any given point, I am able to discern the location of an enemy player. The sound feels SO accurate. At very far distances, the "muffled" sound is very accurate to the point where I can gauge the distance of players easily. Most headphones I've used lacked in vertical imaging however, with your headphones I'm able to discern if the enemy is above or below me, something I've never had the pleasure of in ANY headphone I've tried to date. The sheer immersion of single player games from the scenery and sounds is so wonderfully created on these headphones. And for movies, I feel the exact same way. From big bassy effects such as sound effects to subtle whispers in the distance, these headphones bring out the detail of cinema in way that's so engaging and helps keep that suspension of disbelief. The physical quality of the headphone also stands out. The physical construction of the headphone feels sturdy while also remaining very lightweight. Comfort of the headphone gets an A+ from me. The looks of the headphone are also great, with an amazing coating on the wood and a beautiful black grill. Overall, it stands out while not looking obnoxious and flashy like some other headphones. - Ray

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head-fi member review:

"R7DX JM Stealth Edition Mid-Fi Endgame"
"Astonishing Soundstage"

"Incredible control across Frequency Range, Dynamic Bass, Invalidates closed back headphones below $500..."

 "Absolutely blows my other closed back headphones out of the water"

"R7 JM headphone manages it's entire frequency range with an astonishing level of control way above its price bracket."

"Hats off to John Massaria for taking a "low-fi" headphone and elevating it to end game territory. "

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Home: Video


StanleyArt Germ JM Audio

gadus review:

A new benchmark in the world of headphones!" 

"large & realistic sound stage and the realism of the sound... A real and natural sound with perfect location for musical instruments and lots of air and space."

"headphones that transmit music as accurately as music sounds in reality"
"you are sucked into the music itself and forget about the equipment, you just want more and more music, price... The best headphones you will hear for less than $ 300 and much much more than that."


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